09 March 2011

wasting time

i have so much free time right now. i mean, i have stuff to do, and do stuff, but i also have an incredible amount of free time. free time i use watching some television and reading a lot. free time i'm using to build a network and start a st. louis chapter of the new leaders council (and if you have friends or contacts in st louis that might be interested in helping, please put us in touch). but i've still got lots of time and don't understand why am i not writing more?

i am totally up to date on current affairs, and certainly have opinions about the budget, subsidies of all sorts, what's going on in wisconsin and in libya. but i've really nothing to say about them. i have a novel i've half written that needs a lot of work before it'll near completion, and i've a list of things i want to write about, as well as a book of unusual ideas to spark up my muse and twist me around outside my comfort zone. but i've nothing to write.

there's a part of me that feels guilty that i'm wasting so much writing time, another part that reminds me to enjoy it all while i can, and another part that just asks, 'wtf'.


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