11 November 2011

sex and the country

the headlines this week are all abuzz with sex scandals. from the g.o.p. nomination stage to a revered college locker room, it's all about sex.

of course i'm starting with herman cain. here's a guy who deserves our collective kudos for his personification of the american dream. he grew up "poor but happy," and went on to make himself a millionaire. and now he's in a 3-way tie in earning the republican nomination to run for president obama's job next year. the guy is a rock star.

he is also a class-a douchebag.

while its c.e.o., the national restaurant association paid severance packages to two separate women who filed sexual harassment complaints against herman cain. and while i'm not privvy to the details, i do know that one of the women received a full year's salary as her payout. and folks, companies don't pay out that kinda hush money for no good reason. now that other accusers are coming out of the woodwork, are we really going to claim it's all in an attempt to dishonor the man?

thing about herman cain is that i actually believe him when he says he didn't do anything wrong. he doesn't believe there's anything wrong with hitting on a woman or making sexual advances, even when she clearly isn't interested. he doesn't realize what constitutes sexual harassment, and probably doesn't even believe there is such a thing. and in my book, that is a serious problem. especially for someone claiming to have the judgment to lead the free world.

and then we have assistant coach sandusky - whose locker room rapes of young boys has shocked and devastated most of the nation. when i say most, i mean everyone who isn't so blinded by their allegiance to penn state, that they actually realize this man, abetted by joe paterno and the president of the university, ripped the souls from innocent children who trusted in him and looked up to him as a hero. sandusky, acting as a patron saint to the disaffected youth, started a program for disadvantaged children: a program he used to hide his predatory pedophilia.

raping, molesting, and renting out young boys to other pedophiles (or so says the latest reports), coach sandusky was protected by penn state university. he was protected by coach paterno. he was protected by president graham spanier. he was protected the same way catholic priests were protected by their archdiocese and pope.

and today there are people protesting the firing of coach paterno. why? because he's a storied coach in a revered program? because we should all look the other way the same way he did while the lives of young children were being destroyed? i don't fucking think so. every single person who is out there in support of coach paterno, you are no better than him, and you are no better than the catholic heirarchy that protected molesting priests all those years. you are putting your fallen storied program ahead of all those children that paterno hurt by his silence. you should be as ashamed of yourselves as i am of all of you. pigs.

this is the problem with sex in america today. if you're rich enough, powerful enough, or storied enough, there are no rules. you get to do whatever you want to whoever you want and you get away with it. until someone finally comes along who's willing to step up and show the world what a fucking creep you are.

and yeah, you're a fucking creep herman cain. you might not be as much of a creep as the penn state penitentiary-bound, but you're still a fucking creep.

coach paterno, you're a fucking creep. coach sandusky, you're the biggest fucking creep of them all. and all of you who support these lawless ruffians, you're fucking creeps too.


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