10 January 2008

pneumonia-induced notes

i have long wanted to start writing a blog because i have so much to say, mostly about nothing or at least about nothing that really matters, but have only just begun thanks to my new friend pneumonia. i'd like to start out by saying a little something about my new friend (who, btw, lets me drink coffee all day and all night while still granting me the pleasure of 16 hours of sleep). this is the biggest ass whooping of my entire life. i can't breathe or swallow, can't get from one end of my apartment to the other without taking a break, and needed a nap today after moving my car from one side of the street to the other (los angeles has this wonderful program called street cleaning, used to facilitate further engorgement of its already strapped people, er $40 for not reading the f'ing street signs). the best part is that today is the 7th day, the 7th day of what can only be described as pained napping.

for seven days, i have been in my apartment. i have seen only two of my friends (save that disatrous attempt monday to go to the office), in addition to the people at the doctor's office and the pharmacy. offers of assistance have flooded in from my friends (the generosity of those i am honored to call friends never ceases to amaze or inspire me), but i'm really in no condition to entertain or be entertained. so i accept their sympathy without the slightest bit of shame (i am really fucking sick) and decline their offers with a grateful thanks.

i watched a disappointing new hampshire primary but decided that the political arena is becoming increasingly interesting. everything is up for grabs, skeletons are falling from the closets of the unimpeachable, predictions are being slaughtered, pedestals are crumbling, messages are being stolen and impaired, and our candidates are showing us their worst. and i love it. and i'm going to be here, side by side with my bff frecklerock, watching, writhing, wretching, and writing every step of the way - right here from the music box steps...

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