13 January 2008

is red the color of dummies?

before i get started on my tangent, i can't help but express my admiration for the simplicity of the human mind and how easy a time the press has at controlling every thought in america. an example, you ask... well, one thing i've long admired about the campaigns of hillary and barack is that they neither play their minority cards. they have simply been two politicians, running for office. in the past two days, i've watched the press (all over the place) talk about nothing but race and gender, some even talking about how it's a non-issue as they make it an issue. the clips that have been pulled from video statements and the speeches manipulated to create impressions of racism and bigotry are incredible. at least we are fortunate enough to live in a world where we can easily access perspectives of a million sorts and some of us make up our own minds. anyway...

i started writing this blog because i'm fascinated with this primary season. from the candidates and their issues, to the party lines, the disaster currently in office, and the incessant but predictable manipulation by the press, i'm hooked. you should know from the outset that i'm liberal and i'm proud to be such. i think it's one of the the greatest privileges of youth and an outlet for the idealism i cling to with every breath i take. i can't help but think republicans are all a little bit crazy (and ones who still support dubya or really believe there were wmd's are choosing denial to the slap in the face the rest of us feel). and i also can't help but think the red party is for the intellectually challenged. let me give just one small example for my opinion.

"war on terror"

the phrase itself would make me laugh if i wasn't so terrified that most of the country believes in and supports a "war on terror". let me ask you something, believers of "war on terror", do you really think terrorists would be alive today if someone with a brain in a big white house, on a nice grassy lawn with rose gardens and such, had sent a team or two (or maybe five or ten) of navy seals into the deserts of afghanistan and assassinated every last "terrorist" running through the hills by 9/13/2001? you can't tell me the cia didn't know exactly where to find the bad guys. but instead of being a little bit sly and a whole lotta smart, we threw on our red coats and yelled out, "hey terrorists, here we come, with a whole bunch of planes and tanks and really big guns and bombs and stuff". a shocking thing happened. the bad guys ran away really fast while our armies slowly marched in. and the good ole boys (i.e. the brainless fucks who made the call), high-fived each other in the big white house on a nice grassy lawn with rose gardens and such, because they finally had a reason they could sell to the american people to go starts some wars, kill some leaders, and take over some countries with a whole lotta access to texas tea. they called it "war on terror". hmmm, does anyone around here ever learn from the lessons of the past? or are we really so greedy we're going to progress a hundred years or two behind our neighbors on the other side of the pond? it's dumb, right? dumb.

i'm not suggesting that the blue side of the line is necessarily smarter (er, maybe i am). i'm just saying that i do not want to live in, support, or pay taxes to a country run by an imperialistic government whose only motivation is greed. is that really so bad?

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