07 February 2008

almost the biggest douche in the red-zone bows out

good move for romney and his millions. bad news for america. now it's mccain vs. huckabee. making matters even worse, the media is beginning to tout a "mccain huckabee" ticket this november. my greatest fear, as i've probably mentioned, has been clinton and whoever vs. mccain and whoever. now my fear has risen to a new level with clinton and whoever vs. decrepit mccain and dogmatist huckabee. let's just suppose for a moment that mccain and huckabee defeat clinton and whoever (not a stretch). then let's suppose that mccain dies in his first year as president (also, not a stretch). america would be left with a president who wants to amend the constitution to reflect the word of god. even worse than that (though i know how hard it is to imagine that anything could be worse than that), "president huckabee".

need i say more?


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