11 February 2008

shut up about florida and michigan already

the democratic national committee, along with the support of all the democratic nominee hopefuls, told michigan and florida that their delegates would not be counted if the states chose to hold their primaries before the dnc's rules permitted (january 5th in michigan and and january 29th in florida). break the rules, you big dummy states, and you suffer the consequences.

in honoring the dnc's punishment, obama wasn't even on the ballot in michigan. in florida, where none of the candidates campaigned, clinton won. of course clinton won. she's got the institutional vote and when obama doesn't give the people a chance to know him, he's not going to get the votes. and now clinton wants to retroactively count those votes, cuz she sees a big fat losing streak in her rearview mirror.

with a race that continues to tighten, the candidates are scrambling for any and all delegates they can scrounge, and camp clinton is making noise about wanting at least florida delegates counted. the media, too, is somehow choosing to forget about everyone's earlier agreement to side with the dnc in order to find a way to count delegates. what the fuck? am i the only one who feels like this is cheating of some sort or other?

forget about michigan and florida. they wanted to be all cute and funny and get to participate in the process at a time when it'd actually matter (i.e. before super tuesday). when if they'd just held on, they'd've been able to really participate in what can only be described as the most exciting primary season in history. so fuck them. good things come to those who wait and karma craps on the rest. so long florida and so long michigan. maybe next time you'll see fit to follow the rules...

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