01 June 2008

i don't remember her name,

but i'm going to call her mcdonald's girl. she walked in to campaign headquarters one afternoon and asked to help. she was wearing her mcdonald's uniform, very young - maybe 18, maybe not even old enough to vote, and i would venture to guess that she is a high-school drop out. she was very quiet and incredibly unsure of herself, and just could not find a voice to make a call. but she came in to help.

downtown evansville, just so we're clear, is kind of like no-man's land. it's out of everyone's way and pretty much in everyone's way. this is most unfortunate, because downtown evansville kind of kicks ass! it's pretty, it's quaint, it's quiet (till hammerhead kicks it up in the later hours), right on the river front. it's great. anyway, mcdonald's girl. she went out of her way to barack obama's headquarters to see what was going on and how she could help.

she had no idea what to expect (and quite frankly, unless you've worked on a political campaign or know someone who has, you really don't know what it's like inside. it's amazing the way it works... another diary). but there was something inside of her that snapped and a bit of empowerment buzzed about her, that empowerment barack obama leaves in his footsteps. she felt a need to try to get involved. and though we ended up not being able to give her anything to do (and i still feel terrible about this), i am more proud of mcdonald's girl than any other i've met along the way.

mcdonald's girl comes from a segment of society who stereotypically has not bothered getting involved. they are the people society has shat upon, degraded and demeaned in the elite's quest for more power and lots more stuff (present company included and trying to reform). but mcdonald's girl represents my belief that people do want to help make the world a better place, they just don't know they can. people just don't believe in themselves or the power of their voice backed by their action. lots of people are angry and blame others for their lot in life, but they have their reasons for believing as they do, and we - the enlightened - should be helping to light the way for them, as opposed to keeping the path so dim.

and so long as "they" start to believe in themselves. so long as "they", at least peripherally, see that a woman and a black man fought tooth and nail to be the next presidential nominee for the democratic party, "they" have hopefully felt a spark of empowerment. it's amazing to have seen it in mcdonald's girl. and what she represents. that this nomination fight has affected and empowered a new generation of progressive thinking people from all walks of life who are now involved in the american process. it is a beautiful thing knowing that more voices are being heard. and it makes me proud to be an american, a progressive and involved american.

kudos to you, mcdonald's girl. you're one of my heroes. even though you don't know it.

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