04 June 2008

the new gig

so i started a new job this week, and as a dear friend can attest, i've been tied up in knots stressing it.

i mean, my introduction to the people that make up my new professional community was overwhelming. i had too many eyes and ears on me, and too many people telling me they couldn't wait to get my help with this, that, and the other... i mean, until that weekend (yeah, an entire weekend at a resort, in meetings with people soon to be my colleagues), i don't think i realized just how much responsibility i had taken on by accepting the firm's offer. i saw it as a great opportunity, but just didn't realize all the rest.

it's a lot and i have absolutely no doubt that i will freak out time and again, but it's also exciting. i'm building a program that's never existed within this community. i'm meeting its people, learning its history, understanding its parts and its whole. i am becoming a part of the community. and when i learn enough and know enough, i will begin to build. i can already feel the challenge and i'm professionally energized for the first time in a long time. like barack said last night, "i face this challenge with profound humility and knowledge of my own limitations", but i feel really confident that this community and i are a great match and that i'm going to make a positive difference and build something special.

and it helps that i have a SWEET office with a killer view (that includes the wednesday farmer's market) and pretty flowers from someone wonderful ;)

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