11 October 2008

with 24 days to go...

i have my moments of great fear, that after this hard-fought campaign, and the passion and dedication of so many americans working toward a better america, that we could be outvoted on november 4th. that 24 days from now, americans will pull the lever inside the sanctity of their private booth, and say to the world, "yes, we like america as it stands today, and we're voting for four more years". i do have that fear, and it's that fear that keeps me going and fighting as though we are ten points behind in every poll in every state in which we battle day in and day out.

today, however, i have a new hope. it's been inspired by the dozens of articles i've spent this afternoon reading. oh, the joy. this is the loveliest afternoon i've had in weeks. it's my first saturday off since i can remember, there's a perfect crispness in the air that screams 'summer is finally over', i had brunch with two of the most amazing people i've ever met, i'm lying in bed all cuddled up with some snuggly blankets, i've survived the first battle of a new relationship, and tears of joy are falling from my eyes as i read and read and read more and more and more of the rhetoric (from the left and the right) endorsing obama and denouncing the mccain, the once touted maverick has become.

from bob herbert (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/11/opinion/11herbert.html?hp) to christopher buckley (http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2008-10-10/the-conservative-case-for-obama), from the huffington post to the star tribune of minneapolis, st. paul, my hope is reignited, my fear subsided. folks from all walks of life, all political affiliations, and all racial and socio-ethnic backgrounds are coming to see the disastrous impact of the republican machine's favor-the-rich mentality. they are beginning to see the hope i've felt all along, they are able to look past the disappointment of their own party's past failures (as i do those of my democratic party), and america is starting to believe that the collective "we" can fix this if we choose the right leader.

'that one' is the right leader. and the collective 'we' can fix this mess if we allow ourselves to believe in and be the greatest we can be, and be led by the greatest of us who is stepping up to lead the way... i am so desperately trying to believe that america too will believe. that on november 4th, when that lever is pulled, all hesitations will fall to the wayside, all racial fears will be suspended, and all hope for the future will win the day by electing barack obama for president.

i hope... and 'in the unlikely story that is america, there has never been anything false about hope'

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