20 December 2008

things are about to get interesting...

i say that as if a boring moment has even touched my life in the past year, but what i mean is that local political activism appears to be setting its sights on a big chunk of my life (as opposed to the national political scene that's held my life without ransom since january of last year).

random thought: i really wish i didn't hate the la times... i really am going to have to start reading the damn thing.

so, agendas are starting to roll out, activists are trying to come together, a few of us are working on building a bridge, and a small-scale coup d'├ętat is likely in order so the better leaders can better bridge the activists. in hypothtical speak, let's just assume that there's a particular congressional district in ripe shape to be assumed by leaders with smaller egos and better intent, so as to unify, empower, respect, and include its residents in a well-oiled machine of progressive activists. and let's just further assume that the person currently holding the self-appointed leadership role is more akin to the likes of anwar sadat. a belevolent dictator is, after all, still a dictator, even if he is wearing the enlightened hat. and such a leader needs to go...

and we've got shit to do here. we need to get prop 8 repealed. we need to set a progressive agenda of our own on issues from healthcare, the environment, education, and economic reform. we need to solidify our movement so we can present ourselves as either a threat or a tremendous support network to our local politicians, and start making ourselves seen, heard, and recognized as a power with which a reckoning will be demanded. and we can, for there is great power in numbers, especially in numbers of educated, informed, enlightened citizens.

all of this makes me go gooey in the knees. and wonder if i'll ever again have a quiet night at home alone (i fondly remember when i used to get 4 or 5 such nights each week) or find someone i'll want to fall crazy madly in love with.

oh the woes of an enlightened activist...


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