19 January 2009


tomorrow may be history, but today i'm history. dc kicked my ass today, and it makes me love her even more!

my latest playlist and i hit the streets at 1:00, it's now a wee past 11, i've been on my feet for ten hours, and every muscle, bone, and tendon in my body hurts with exhaustion and cold. but we saw the willard hotel, the washington monument (from every angle), the lincoln memorial, and the korean, vietnam, and wwii memorials. we also saw team indiana, and miles and miles and miles of dc pavement, madness, and awesomeness.

tomorrow, we see history in the making as obama takes the oath, the douche leaves the capital with his tail between his legs, and we take our country back.

one year ago, i started this blog, started the campaign journey, and became a doer. no longer a talker, no longer a full-of-crap nobody, i take my country back tomorrow. and i won't let you down. i won't let me down. i won't let america or the world down.

tomorrow begins the most difficult, scary, and uncertain part of this great journey, but i'm ready, and ready to kick some ass!

but tonight, i'm beat and sleeping, and dreaming of the dawn of a new country that will break tomorrow...


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