19 January 2009

changing reflections

when i was here last month, i walked out of dca, and breathed in the loneliest air i've ever let into my lungs. it worked its way into my bloodstream, and stayed with me the whole time i was here. despite the grand time i did have, the unwelcoming nature of this city left me with a slightly sour taste and a fairly detached connection to my change.gov chance. but this time is different...

this time it feels like my kinda town. it feels like the hollywood of politics, the center of power, and the agent-city of change. sure, there's a certain excitement in the air that wasn't here six weeks ago, but it's the kind of feeling that's here for at least four years, and as my network expands to include so many progressives, policy wonks, and obama changelings, i sorta feel the draw.

i s'pose it's easy to dream when i'm hanging with such amazing people, walking around in a haze of history-in-the-making, and bumping into folks i call friends back home on the left coast. and i know how it's going to feel when i get back to the left coast late this week, it's sunny sans snow, and i return to the music box steps.

but for now, it's easy to see that it wouldn't be hard to build a new life, here in the center of the america and world that wakes tomorrow...


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  1. it's so great that you went to experience that. now, every choice will be a great choice! can't wait to see you back home!