23 February 2009

manic monday

i almost never rant about my day job. because, well, i am one of those lucky people who digs a day at the office, and it leaves little to rant about.

but today.

today is different.

i just closed my door to cry. because after spending the last two fucking months pouring over every last detail for my 2009 budget, i just got a please-fix-it email from the budget guru that may as well have been written in japa-fucka-nese.

i hate numbers, i hate excel, i hate budgets, i hate today, and i need booze. NOW! where's that damn bottle i promised to leave in my bottom drawer for just these emergencies?

being kbd ain't all it's cut out to be. at least not today :(



  1. If it makes you feel any better, I once had a sobbing fit in my office, which was NOT soundproof. In my defense it was actually a very large cubicle, and the entrance was maze-like so it wasn't as if people could just pop their head in. Nevertheless, I had to make sure to sob SILENTLY, because, in the midst of my obvious despair, I had to make sure no one heard me, because, Heaven forbid anyone else in the office find out I'm a flawed human being with complex emotions! And, at just the moment when I was attempting to stifle the sound into the sleeve of my sweatshirt, a random colleague whose name I didn't even know walked in to ask me a simple question...and when he saw my pathetic state the poor guy stepped back and gave a moment to collect myself. He began to ask me if I was ok, but, knowing that I insisted that he go on with his original inquiry, and he did, and I provided the answer, and then afterwards he attempted AGAIN to ask me if I was ok, and while I admit it was what any decent human being would have done, I had to resist the urge to say, "Do you even know my fucking name? Get out of my office and let me sob in peace damn it!"

  2. I know you will have better days, sorry to hear about the manic monday and the numbers to crunch. Pour yourself a glass of Pinot and blog like you never blogged before and I know you will feel better, of course I will look forward to that blog entry and if all else fails just punch a pillow a few times. Life has a funny way of always bringing people down when things are going great, happens all the time to me, but people like us can always get through them and I have no worries that a strong woman like you can get thru this, keep on being awesome.

  3. It must be in the air...or this time of year...or the position of the moon and stars. I'm totally experiencing something similar, and I'm not sure how to handle it...besides getting home tonight and having that glass of wine with a vico chaser. Hmmm...just saying that makes me smile....