28 February 2009

the long road home

it began at 1:00 pacific time, yesterday, when i left the office for the airport.

i parked, flagged down the shuttle, changed shuttles, was dropped off at the terminal, checked my tiny bag (i have to check my fucking bag because i travel with liquids, many more than will fit in 3-oz. containers inside of one small baggie. it royally pisses me off that i have to check my bag, and i'll probably never stop bitching about it, or that the inconvenience of travel does not make me feel safer on board planes, only more annoyed than usual), made my way through security (again, in case my annoyance sentiment was somehow unclear in my earlier parenthetical sidebar, i will reiterate again just how fucking annoying it is to deal with the "joys of traveling", the tsa in particular, and their really dumb rules), put down some cash for an overpriced piece of crap wrap, and sat down to wait to board.

we were meant to board at 3:00. at 3:15 the plane arrived. we boarded at a wee before 4. twenty minutes later we unboarded. at 5:00 we boarded a new plane. at 5:30, we were in the air.

at 10:30 i landed in st. louis, two hours later than i had planned to land in st. louis.

by the time i picked up my checked duffel bag, made my way to the rental car line, and got into my car and on the road, it was 11:30.

i pulled into my brother's driveway at 1:45 am.

it took me over ten hours to get from southern california to southern illinois. and to add insult to injury, it's snowing. and it's really, really, really cold. and i hate the cold. and i hate snow even more. thank goodness i love my family.

because i begin my trip back to southern california in 32 hours.


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  1. Ooo, Kells, have so been here myself! And thank God I love my family!