30 March 2009

being a sponge

i'm absorbing information. and i'm thinking (some of you have asked why i'm writing about panty lines instead of politics. it's because i can't not write (and it would seem i can't not write to an audience (all 15 of you, bless you!)), and right now, i can't really write about politics). because i don't know that i've made up my mind about things. i mean, totally uncharted waters for me, politically. i'm trying to understand before speaking (much, anyway).

lotsa scary stuff happening out there, lotsa scary people with scary weapons, economies plunging, tensions rising. and we're out of the business of telling the rest of the world how to live, because we're too busy fighting over spending with the guys who bankrupted us. it's kind of a lot to get my arms around. but i'm working on it. i hope you'll stick through the panty line and itinerary diaries (probably one about whales to follow) till i can get back to my political ranting.

i'm sure it will be any day now ;)



  1. I def will, Kells! I'm totally suffering from writers block via too-much-work.... *sigh*

  2. I totally feel the same way. I haven't been able to post about politics on my blog because it's either too infuriating or overwhelming.