12 June 2009

notes from the u street corridor

i got here late wedensday night, thanks to some gnarly storms in dallas (and frankly, everywhere in the middle of the country). the gnarly storms also laid claim to my luggage, which is thankfully en route to me now. i mean, i've been wearing the same thing for three days and i'm a little sick of it.

today was one of the coolest days of my life, in spite of the fact i'm still wearing the same thing i wore when i arrived in dc. i spent the day at the marine corps base in quantico, "the crossroads of the marine corps" with my fellow truman national security fellows.

presentations a plenty spoke of military culture, marine culture in particular. we spoke candidly with a lifer marine in a small group, and took a tour of their leadership training facility. we learned about the life of a marine, we checked out (dude, got to go inside) a couple of their combat helicopters, i got to hold some of their scary guns, and gained an entirely new perspective on what it takes to dedicate one's life to defending america.

it's not just that these men and women have dedicated their lives, or parts of their lives, to defending our liberty, but they do it with smarts, savvy, and strategic combat and classroom learning, i am in awe of them.

oh, and i got to ride in this super fun riverine assault craft (er, boat) in the potomac, that tipped, braked, and soaked me from head to toe. it was awesome!

i am so proud of my country and so proud of the marines whose "honor, courage, and commitment" help keep me free, safe, and secure.

marines rock!

the end.


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