28 June 2009

the taxi driver

my friends and i shared a major asshole moment today.

when we left the beach, there was a taxi in the intersection, kind of in our way, and its driver was looking around all clueless and out of sorts. he was trying to make a left turn in the most impossible place imaginable. and all he wanted was a break.

a break he wasn't going to get from us. we were five girls in a bmw. he tried to move his car in front of us, but dudes, seriously, if we got behind that guy trying to make a left, we'd still be sitting there, honking for him to get out of our way. so we went around his left and then cut a right in front of him.

he was so confused, and while one of us was trying to be helpful and offer him some friendly driving advice (like duh, make a right and flip a bitch a block up the road), the rest of us laughed hysterically at his ineptitude. that guy was so pissed off (see picture), i bet he still hasn't cooled off.

and instead of feeling bad, i still can't stop laughing.


1 comment:

  1. oh my god, HA, he looks so SAD in that picture! we are such assholes. if i was a nice person, i would feel terrible, good thing i'm not.