03 July 2009

a fancy flight

i'm sitting on my deck. it's hot, but there's just enough of a nip in the breeze to call it perfection. it's pretty peaceful, save the wind blowing through the trees and the occasional helicopter buzzing about (which does annoy), and y'all who've been here know that i love my hilly view more than any other i know. on a day such as this, it's the perfect writer's nook. and my muse is on fire today.

i took a little break because a hummingbird popped in. she checked in to sip from a flower, just a wee meter to my right. she took her drink, then floated directly in front of me. she was a tiny thing, but i swear to you, i thought she was staring me in the eye. she's gone now, but it was kinda awesome.


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