28 July 2009

a campaign shake up

it seems that the obama-esque 'staying above the fray' campaign is being cast aside by newsom and co. and on minor reflection, maybe gavin ain't the kinda guy to play that game anyway.

his campaign manager, and long-time strategist and friend, eric jaye, resigned today because of a "fundamental difference in how to run the campaign". he has since been replaced by the attack shark garry south, who seems to be the kinda guy who'll stoop to any low to get his man elected. as if a clash of titan egos with knives is what california needs right now. though i will hold final judgment until i get a good look at the rhetoric and grassroots and media outreach of the new management, i have a bad feeling that i'm about to have no one to support in the gubernatorial race of my dysfunctional state.

and if it comes down to one candidate being less of a douchebag than the other, i'm done with california.


1 comment:

  1. I don't want to have to hand in my Lib card for this, but after careful analysis of everyone out there, I like Tom Campbell. He's a republican. He has the right stance on social issues and he's serious about the economy and I think he'll be competent, have new ideas, and be able to work with the legislature. Maybe not a star scraper, but I can't honestly say I like Mayor Newsom any more.

    -Ashley L.