28 July 2009

to woo a cat

i want-ish a cat. what i mean by that is that i want a neighborhood stray to meow at my door a few times a day, eat, do a cuddle bit, and then carry on with his day. i've gone so far as to go to rescue shelters to see if i clicked with any felines, but in the end, i want a stray to be my friend.

a coupla weeks ago, i went to target and bought a shit-ton of cat food (my summer kid has had a field day making fun of me for buying so much cat food when i don't have a cat), because the master plan is to woo a cat with food.

it's working.

the same little guy is on my stoop when i wake up and go to bed. he cuddles for a few minutes, though he is super skiddish, he'll eat, venture into my apartment, snoop around a bit, and then he's off. till the next time he stops by.

he's interesting, my little nameless friend. he has other cat friends that he lets eat out of his bowl. and the last coupla days, i've seen him trying to decide between coming inside to hang out with me, or to run off to play with his little kitty friends. sometimes, when my door is wide open, i see the other cats peering in, as if they are doing a catground check to make sure i'm good enough for their furry friend.

i suspect that if it comes down to a choice, my guy is going to pick me over his feline friends, because i'm pretty reliable, have an endless supply of food, and come on, let's be real, who wouldn't love to hear first thing in the morning from me, 'hey there my little sunshine'. i mean, the dude starts purring as soon as the words come outta my mouth.

i honestly don't know which of us likes the other more. at least not yet.



  1. I told this story to my little girl and she said, "MEEERRRROOOOOOoooooooowww."

    I think that speaks for itself.

  2. Awww... when does he/she get a name? Can you tell if it's a boy?