14 July 2009

oh glorious morn

i went to the dmv this morning, because my rockstar parking card expired two weeks ago, and oops.

the dmv is kinda like disneyland, in that it's packed full of people waiting in a line that i don't have to bother with.

and it's kinda like a perfect case in point exemplifying why california is nearly bankrupt.

i have three things issued by the dmv: (i) my driver's license, (ii) my vehicle registration, and (iii) my rockstar parking card. in order to change my address or my name, i have to fill out three different forms, sent to three different addresses, and entered into a series of archaic databases by three different (dare i say) morons.

my name is current on only my driver's license, and apparently my address is current on my driver's license and my vehicle registration. even though my name and address is correct on my driver's license (a change that can only occur by first visiting the social security office and then by showing up, in person, at the dmv with a birth certificate, social security card, and the paperwork showing a change in circumstance leading to a name change), the dmv cannot update my name on those other two items without me making another appointment, showing up with all of the above documentation, and filling out the proper paperwork with the proper moron.

the word inefficient does spring to mind. i mean, imagine how many fewer people would have to be employed by the dmv if i could show up one time, fill out one form, check boxes on that single form for all items i need to have my name or address changed, and entered into a single database that makes the update with one little click of the mouse.

is this the way the rest of california government operates? no wonder we're on the brink of economic collapse.


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  1. What's the story with your name? I've changed mine twice in the last couple of years, so I feel your pain.