07 July 2009

snark v. wit

not a terribly shitty problem i've got on my hands, but a problem nonetheless.

the white house has asked me for some writing samples. i'm sending them an op-ed piece the LA Times rejected (fuckers), and 2-3 blog posts (cleaned up, grammatically proper, and toned-down snark) out of the 206 i've written before this one.

my goal in assembling this packet of samples is to strike a good balance between my spirit as a writer (some snark without going over the top) and my intellectual acumen (which essentially precludes any posts in which i'm falling down stairs or eating retard sandwiches).

if any of the 17 of you have any favorites, i'd love your opinion in the comment box below.

pretty please?


p.s. kinda cool that, after spending months writing about wanting to be paid to write, the white house is looking at me for such a job. your help would be much appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Probably more than you wanted... and probably less useful than you had hoped..

    Might be a little personal, but I like the writing and tone. my return from paradise

    Good writing... but probably not what the Obama admin wants to read from you... :)

    finding me

    brilliant and snarky... so it might not fit:

    i can't help it, i can't

    Less snark, but certainly a keen mind:

    contemplating self interest

    Less snark, but some passionately written questions about the practicality of the situation:

    who is in right when war is answer

    Always a fav, but I'm biased:

    making history today