02 January 2010

ring around the fire

last night, seven amazing women and i sat around a fire and ceremoniously burned this decade past. regrets, heartache and heartbreak, loss, self-doubt, terrorism, global economic meltdown, job woes, love woes, life woes, and george w. bush went up in flames.

we each shared our sadness and disappointments with reflective honesty and clarity, and then watched these huge weights on our souls burn to nothingness. some of us made lists while others of us brought relics of our past. and we all emptied wasted space to make room for the better to come.

and whilst one never knows if this next decade will be any better, hope springs eternal that my list of wants in the coming years will fortuitously rise from those ashes, bestowing an even greater purpose and elation than i felt when offering them to the fire gods last night.

with a much lighter step, onward we bounce.


1 comment:

  1. Onward indeed! Look at it this way - 8 of those past 10 years were governed by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and the rest of that clan. That is a terrible weight for any decade - even one in which the Lakers won multiple championships - to over come!
    We start out this decade with a decidedly different spirit (if not always a different policy outcome) running this country. I share you hope for great things in the years ahead - in some cases, quite possibly just in the nick of time!