20 February 2010


president's day is a holiday? maybe for some people. maybe for me in another year. this year it was a travel day. and because it involved a plane, airports, annoying process, and mole hills, i cried like a little bitch for a solid hour once i landed in a city 30 degrees colder than the one i left.

tuesday involved a very foggy morning of meeting prep, followed by meetings the rest of the day, drinks with a colleague, and collapsing in an overrated hotel room.

wednesday. oh wednesday. a drive across a foggy bay bridge, a 2-hour train to sacramento for more meetings, train back to oakland, a quiet evening with peggy and hope, and a drive back across the bay.

thursday. repeat tuesday, but with different players.

today. joyous friday. bill fiasco at said overrated hotel, followed by a morning of meetings, a long lunch with a colleague, a fly-by afternoon, and so many airport delays out of there that it would've been faster to drive home from san francisco.

but i'm so happy to be home, it doesn't even matter.


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