20 February 2010

stolen moments

about a year and a half ago, whilst leaving san francisco (i even believe it may've even been my first stint in san francisco on official business), i stole a moment in time that belonged to a pair of star-crossed lovers.

it was early on a saturday morning, SFO was essentially empty, and they were on the curb saying their goodbyes as i was being dropped off. i stood and watched them because it was one of those unforgettable moments that settled itself deep into my soul, and left behind something of a yearning.

she was probably 7.5 months pregnant, he was the one getting on the plane that morning. and the way he dropped to his knees, put his hands around her, and put his lips on her belly, saying goodbye not just to his lover, but to his baby, it really moved me. like, i saw love.

i witnessed this brief but beautiful moment in time that those lovers may not even remember (especially now that they're likely chasing a toddler around their lives). and for me, its impact has been immeasurable. because as much as i hope to someday be a mom, i don't want to do it without that kind of dad.


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