24 February 2010

a controlled camp

so, a coupla girlfriends and i are in the early stages (may be appropriate to use 'were' here) of planning a camping trip to the grand canyon for some weekend in april.

i was charged with the planning piece because, well, duh. and what i've learned in coordinating the details of this outing is that this is the one trip i should never be allowed to plan. if i'd just not really had any expectations (see dread), i would've gotten there, and felt my competitive drive set into gear, pushing me to survive and even have fun. and sure, i'd've bitched about everything, but i woulda done it in a cute, snarky, smart way that woulda made people laugh whilst promising themselves and each other they'd never again bring me along to camp.

but then, i found the the campsite page and i read about how cold it is in april, how there's no electricity, how "sleeping pads" are encouraged because the ground is sharp and hard. i mean, wtf is a sleeping pad? (oh, and that is definitely a rhetorical question, so please don't answer it). and did you notice that bit about "sharp and hard"?

and then last night. when undo button told me, in this sweet, concerned tone that, "people who don't enjoy camping are usually people who have to be in control," i knew i wasn't going camping.

and i'm equal parts relieved and bummed.



  1. hey now! in my defense, what i said was, "i have to warn you that people who need control generally hate camping." had i known you would decide definitively not to go after hearing that, i would have never said it!

  2. ...but i was planning what photos i'd take for my facebook and what poncy scarves i'd wear on said camping trip! alas there goes my dreams and plans...