26 February 2010

winning hearts

i'm in denver, spending the weekend on paris guy's turf. i've been a nervous wreck about this trip, and not because i'm on paris guy's turf (i mean, we've had three dates on either neutral ground or mine, and i've been super curious), but because i knew how big of a deal it is that schulz likes me.

it was pretty obvious from the get-go that we're going to get on just fine, schulz and me. and whilst he's clearly confused that i'm still here and appear to be going nowhere soon (i wish y'all could've seen the befuddled look on his sweet little face while i was relaxing in his dad's bathtub (the awesomest tub EVER)), it doesn't seem to suck for him. or me.

today, we went on a nice long walk (i even picked up poop!), played some fetch, cuddled a plenty, and even took a nice long nap together on the couch (i never knew how awesome it could be to have a sweet little schnauzer lying across my tummy with his head resting on my chest (the word "awwwwwwww" doesn't begin to cut it)).

i'm in heaven. dog heaven.


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