05 April 2010

disaster preparedness

in spite it being 6pm on a monday (see HELL), i knocked trader joe's off my to-do list.

earthquake yesterday, rain today, a girl's gotta be prepared for whatever calamity may befall tomorrow, and i figured i best have something more in my pantry than my last package of ramen noodles. i mean, seriously.

then i added a coupla things to that list. for starters, i really need to hit up goodwill (i have this thing about getting rid of things (e.g. clothes, books) when i bring new things into the house, it keeps my space lighter, and me more comfortable, but that shit piles up fast!).

and i'm thinking it's about time to dig in and finish novel #2. summer project.

i'm feeling it, the story, my girl, the era, egypt's stirring in my soul again. knowing it's gonna be a year or two before i'm going to have to pack my life into boxes for destination unknown means now's the time. and i want to write so badly, i look for thoughts to chase my typing fingers, i'd be a fool not to use this burst of inspiration to tell a great story...

i'm thinking that just might be what the boss calls "the rising".


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