19 May 2010

miss scarlet (with one t)

whilst i traveled in search of work, miss scarlet stayed with a friend of mine who has two small dogs - one of which is about scarlet's age. my girl was so excited to see her new bffs - henry and maggie, i don't even think she noticed me leaving her saturday morning. and then she went and had such a blast all weekend, going on hikes, wrestling with henry, cuddling with maggie, and playing 24/7, i worried she wouldn't even remember me when i picked her up last eve.

but as soon as i walked in, she ran up to me, jumped all over me, smothered me in kisses, and chillaxed all loving-like in my lap, while henry cajoled her to play. scarlet really is the best thing ever.

she has such a sweet disposition, loves to cuddle and share affection, and is a big fan of kisses. but she's also very sassy, isn't scared to talk back when scolded, and intentionally pushes her boundaries (which means it will be a while before she comes off the leash on hikes and at the park). she loves playing fetch with her little red ball, rolling around in the grass while making weird growling sounds, and sleeping curled up right next to me.

she isn't a big eater, but loves peanut butter, cottage cheese, rope, and the insulation around my water heater. she doesn't beg when the rest of us eat in front of her. she smells everything everywhere we go, including every puddle of pee and pile of poop she can find. she loves other dogs, is very socially adept, and quickly becomes the leader of any pack. because she's smart, confident, and sassy. and tops that package with such a cute face, she is simply irresistible.

and the best part about her is that she loves me best of all. which is the awesomest feeling in the whole world!



  1. She's so pretty. My grandma had a dog like her. Lived to be 17 & loyal to the end. Dogs are just the best. Like them more than people, most the time, lol. They truly love unconditionally.

    Amy R.

  2. Of Course she did...even though she had a great time with her new friends...mommy was always in the back of her minD1 Your voice, smell, touch...all of that is apart of her world and her world wouldn't be the same without you. No matter how much fun she has with her friends!