01 July 2010

digging the district

okay, so i'm still pretty far from settled. still no furniture, my dog is pissed off at me because she's spending all day at home alone, the new job is madness to the nth degree, and i'm still outta the loop (despite efforts by some of you to rectify my current state of ignorant bliss). but i can't even tell you how much i am loving my new life!

i think one of the biggest reasons is because i feel like i'm living in a real city and commuting like a real city girl for the first time ever!

a day in my new life:

it begins each morning when i start hitting snooze at 7. once i finally get myself into a conscious state, i get up, walk the dog, get ready for work, and walk across the street and down into the dungeons below, where i find a green line and jump on board. because my k street office is on the red line, i change trains about halfway and when it stops at farragut north, i walk outta the subway, across the street, and bam, there's my office.

after work, i'm so rushed to get home, i hail a cab and eight minutes later i'm in front of my ridiculously awesome building right in the smack of everything "urban insanity" that springs to mind. up a flight, i open my door, where i'm greeted by my bestest pal in the world who is jumping up and down and smothering me in kisses and love. it is uh_may_zing!

from there it's been anything but routine, but exploring my new town is such a treat, and spending mucho time with my pup in our new home is kicking nine kindsa ass, even if the place remains empty.

and whilst i'm jaunting off to spend this holiday weekend in the blissful company of another, i'm but a week away from getting back into the news groove, from which i will return to these pages with my snarky commentary on the latest and greatest of the current affairs...

till then, happy independence day!


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