08 June 2010

the joys of moving

after my girl zip exchanged her vows sunday, and a long night of fun to the nth came to an end, i hopped a flight to my new town. where, um, madness abounds.

first of all, i'm in a new job. the office isn't new. the company isn't new. the people aren't new. but the job is new. the city is new. the commute is new. the hours are new (i am used to rolling in around 9:30 or 10:00, but on this coast, meetings start anywhere from 7:30-8:30 (wtf is up with these early birds!?)). and the life is new. right now, whilst in the throes of limbo, i am homeless, my shit is strewn about two coasts, my dog is at camp, my car is in an airport parking lot, my settings on everything from email to phones to alerts are set to different time zones. and i don't know whether to scratch my hair or brush my butt. fer reals.

and home-hunting lies pretty close to the bottom of the list of "fun" i associate with this relocation. and i am a picky mo-fo when it comes to that place i'll hang my hat. i mean, my new place is going to have to match up to the magic of the music box steps, and that's not going to be an easy feat.

the good news is that i've limited my search to three neighborhoods (this may also equate to bad news) and i have a pretty liberal rent budget. the real bad news is that i won't live with carpet, there must be a DC following the comma (all you virginia and maryland lovers really should stop wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise cuz i'm a tried, true, and tenacious city girl), i need parking within a block or two, the place must love dogs and have an in-unit washer and dryer, and i have to have easy public trans access. oh, and whilst i want a little bit of ghetto in my neighborhood, i don't want to be dodging bullets to and fro my metro stop.

so please wish me luck because i won't rest or sign on the line till i can find the DC version of my music box steps...


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