11 June 2010

my new town

i've moved to a swamp with overpriced and undersized housing. with traffic worse than LA's, douchebaggery galore, people who overdress for everything, and intellectual snobbery i cannot even describe (yet). and haysoos is it hot, sticky, and uncomfortable!

but i have never been any place (save perhaps paris) that feels more like my town. i love it here. i love walking the streets alone, knowing where i am and where i'm going, mastering the metro, savoring the smells, snarking off to taxi drivers, and feeling the vibrant energy at every corner. this city is so alive, so full of enthusiasm, and so welcoming and embracing of all that's new and old.

i love DC. i love it in places and in ways i could never've loved LA. i love how small it is, how easy it is to maneuver, how useless a car would be here, how much this place loves dogs, and how much i know miss scarlet will love it here. i love that no one is from here, and no one plans to stay (myself included), but that everyone embraces the transient nature of the place, loves it whilst here, and loves to leave her in the end.

though this isn't my end all be all town, it's my home for now, my stepping stone for what lies ahead, and there's no place i'd rather be right now (even if trying to find a place to live is the bane of my week and my greatest weekend fear). i have no idea what's next, am making no plans, and am rolling with whatever DC has to offer, whenever she's ready to make the offer.

though our time together will most certainly be short, and whatever her surprises are welcome, DC and i are going to love and be loved, like no girl and her city ever has...



  1. Don't forget the Philips Gallery. It's a lovely oasis of coolness and beauty.

  2. Hey Baller,
    I appreciate all your transition stories...but give me something about..BP! This Disaster,Renewable (green) Energy, the POTUS's response and more. I look to you for your political brilliance, get up on the Hill and get something done! You are there NOW, For a reason I believe!