16 July 2010

fridays should be cakedays

everything was hard today!

first off, going into today i knew there was going to be some serious work drama. so i took lotsa deep breaths and pretty effectively controlled damage. but it was hard.

and there were computer issues - firmwide. and i have such little patience for technological irritants, the amount of stress i feel (admittedly asinine) is probably unhealthy.

and the paycheck fiasco. this is no one's fault, just an unbelievably ginormous comedy of misfortune. i just moved to a new city (in case you hadn't heard). my city has no chase bank (fer reals!?). so i had to open a new bank account. and whilst my original plan involved an auto deposit this week into my old account at chase and my end of the month paycheck going into the new one, turns out there's this pesky "live" check in the middle.

so the live check could only go to the new bank cuz there are no old banks within a 50-mile radius. and apparently new banks put holds on the checks of customers with new accounts (if i'd've understood the implications of this inconvenience, i'd've cashed my paycheck at bank of america and walked across the street with cash for said new bank account). so it's friday, my very last car payment was due today, and i had access to $8.33.

the worst part about that is that i have money everywhere, just nowhere i could get to it.

so, my company (being the awesomest most supportive, understanding place on earth) gave me a check from a petty cash account for a grand as a loan till my check clears. awesome, right!? so i do all the paperwork for that (which was doubly hard with all the computer mishaps), get the check, walk over to shitibank, and they wouldn't cash the check.

i have a california id, a check from a company right down the street, a new signature, ugh. so for 20 minutes i sat there while they figured it out, which they couldn't do until i called our LA office to put the hammer down.

yay! money!

and i got into a cab driven by the nicest cabbie possible. and i got home to a big dose of puppy love, a glass of wine, good company with good friends. and cutie texts from someone i love.

all's well that ends well.


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