13 July 2010

busboys and poets

i got completely drenched today by an unexpected downpour, choosing to leave the warmth and comfort of a neighborhood favorite to brave the torrential rains so my puppy wouldn't have to be alone in thunder (team so cal is having a wee trouble adjusting to this whole weather bit).

i was finally dining at this fabby place i've had my eye on. such a cool place, with its loungey vibe, shelves full of books, computers in action at every turn, folks dining in a total conversational setting, and the best part is that the bar is super fun too!. i pass this place every day on at least one of my walks, finally made it in, and even got a seat in the window. a little slice of new life heaven.

until the winds brought in a monsoon. i mighta had another glass of wine or even indulged in some sugary decadence whilst waiting out the storm, but thunder cracked the sky in half and off i went to save my scarlet. and though i had about half of sonya's umbrella, and a decent chunk of the walk was covered-ish, i kinda didn't hate getting rained on.

in fact, it was kind of amazing. just giving in. to rain.


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