16 August 2010

afraid of my space

though i've been here several times the past week, i've written not a word. it's not that i haven't had anything to say, it's that i'm afraid to say it. afraid to be myself in my own space, observe what i will, say what i will, live as i will. as though it's my responsibility to live up to other people's ideal of me.

how fucked up is that?

like seriously, how could i let someone else's assholio comments get to me so deeply? i pride myself on not giving too much of a shit about what other people think, and here i am cowering from my own blog. in spite of the outpouring of support from those of you who love me just as i am, instead of how you think i should be, i am still here in stumble mode.

maybe getting it out here will get it out of my head, and knock whatever's standing in my way right off its post. or at least i can hope...



  1. Post away KD. I personally look forward to your commentary on whatever subject that strikes your fancy on any given day -- chicken bones, your dog, a-holes, the commute home, how quickly grass grows, whatever. Like you said, it's your space. If people don't like it, stay the f away. You can't live your life based on the expectation of others. You only set yourself up for failure.

    Eric K.

  2. You are in DC now, wow, the blog rocks, take care out there, mab

  3. Kel, it's your space...your thoughts....your ideals...your humor....don't let that one comment from what's his name make you feel like you can't post what you want. It's a free country. Write whatever you want! I, for one, ALWAYS enjoy reading what you have to say, no matter if it's about politics, your lil' puppy girl, how much it rains or how hot it is...it's our way of keeping in touch with you, those of us who do care & are not able to live where you are & be there to see what you see. Believe me, if I wrote a blog on my life in 'Rado....that'd be some boring shite right there. Is much more interesting to read what you write, lol. Keep up the GREAT work, stay the way you are & don't let that 1 negative out of a thousand positives get you down. Love ya!

    Amy R. :)