08 August 2010

the eeriness of a city sleeping

one of my favorite things about italy is the solitude of her morning. in venice in particular. too dark still to be morning long after it should, the only sounds being the faint swish of the brooms sweeping the streets of yesterday and the mild rushing of water through the canals, venice mornings have a hauntingly romantic feel about it.

dc mornings, on the other hand, though similarly dereft of life beyond the grumbling street sweepers, are more akin to the ruins abandoned by the traveling carnival. trash and half-eaten food everywhere, broken glass littering the walkways, dead rats strewn about, the smell of garbage drifting through air bogged down by soggy humidity, and a more americanized version of the street sweeper bitching about the pigs and the trough they make of the streets. notwithsanding its eww factor, dc mornings have their own air of intrigue.

and as different as their mornings can be, there really is something captivating in walking the streets of a city so typically swelling with life and sparkle, in those rare moments when even it gives in to the allure of sleep.



  1. "Is there Anybody alive out there!" - Bruce Springsteen.
    Prepare for some snark. And God bless ya if you don't censor me. So..if it's Sunday..EVENING, it's 60 Minutes. This show as you well know, doesn't suck either. Honestly, sweet Kelli, I love your blog. And you. But not for stories about chicken bone spitting fat fucks, rude people on Metros (helloo..anywhere in the world on a given day )sleeping city sidewalks (Kris Kristofferson already won a Grammy for that)or all the other self-indulgent bullshit you have been spewing here (hi Carrie Bradshaw...that's been done too..albeit I do like your's better - cheers, just too late). What I invite you to do, and by looking at your comment rate, I suspect others may appreciate as well, is get back on the politics wagon, start making a difference now that you are relocated to the heart of it all. D.C. It ain't Paris, by a long shot. Just visited them both in the last 6 months. There is nothing glamorous about that shit hole called our "Nation's Capital". It ain't even CLOSE to NYC for a great city for God's sake. Or even Providence which I just visited. So spare us the commentary on the every-world city spanker that begs, budges or is rude in a cab, and let me hear what you you feel about Medicare as reported on 60 Min. tonight. Or, McChrystal/ Petraeus (Truman Baller), BP and Obama's lame-ass reaction/ opportunity to DO something, maybe make a stand about renewable energy blah blah blah. So 60 Min. You watch anymore? Look at the health care story. How F&*# UP! And what they say our "Health Care" bill does about it. Ya know what? Yes, you probably do, which is why there has not been a political entry in months. The POTUS is sleeping! Douche bags are going to kick ass in Nov. and you are in the CITY and talking about G- Damn chicken bones, street sweepers etc. Hell, I haven't even gotten on to the second & third essays in 60 Min.... but who knows... Got news my sweet Kelli, and this may piss a lot of your readers off; guess what? I have an amazing dog too. I even have a blog about him. But guess what? You and I are not the first. And when it comes down to it, your talents and mine are way better spent on talking about what we are experts at. In your case, this crazy world and times and how you are going to change the world (Yes? Correct me right here if there has been a shift in your life - and I am off your ass :O) ). And, you know what? Now that you are in the city of the seat of world power? I expect more than subway stories, chicken bones and dog shit.
    Love, Paris Guy

  2. Wow. Who peed in your soup?

  3. Yea, true that Zip. It wasn't pee. It was Saki. sorry. Should stay away from keyboard when drinking and watching hard news!

  4. News on TV is very toxic. Look what it did to you, PG. I'm sure Kelli is getting more than enough politics where she is and maybe she's striking a balance with this blog. Maybe even she's living for the present moment more like we all should. I think you're very lucky to have access to any info about/from her and can surely get your political fix elsewhere, right?
    Take it easy on the sake on and Kelli. Peace!