17 October 2010

my sassy bitch

i am trying so hard to train my little puppy to do some tricks for treats. she's got "sit" down pat. "lie down" is another one that she responds to as's meant. everything else is a battle, and she'll do it, but totally begrudgingly. fer instance, here's a little replay of our conversation today:

~k: sit.

[scarlet sits]

~k: lie down.

[scarlet lies down]

~k: good girl.

[scarlet gets tasty treat]

~k: roll over, roll over, roll over.

[k helps scarlet roll over and gives her a treat along with a lot of praise]

~k: sit. [scarlet sits]. good girl. lie down.

~scarlet: bark bark bark bark

[lies down while continuing to bark]

~k: [laughing] good girl. roll over.

~scarlet: bark bark bark bark, growl, bark bark

[k interprets this display of haughtiness as "fuck you, mom" and gives scarlet a treat for lying down as told (whilst laughing the whole time)].

- repeat the above six lines about five times before i gave up. and just as i was going through the last round of "roll over", scarlet stopped barking long enough to shake my hand before snatching the last treat out of my other hand.

gawd i love my sassy little bitch!


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