22 June 2012

back to work

so, i'm going back to work a week from monday (it's the perfect time to go back because the 4th of july holiday is on wednesday and it'll be pretty peachy to have a day off right in the middle of the week).  not that i'm the kinda girl you'd ever think would want to stay home full time, but it's kind of amazing just how forward to work i'm looking.

don't get me wrong.  i am nuts about my kid.  i think she's the coolest person on the entire planet and there's no one i'd rather hang out with (though hubby is in a close second).  but i also love my job.  i love my work, the people around me, and the people i'm helping.  i need my work to feel like i'm me.

it's a good thing the chips all fell as they did.  bella's baby school is a dream, hubby's schedule works really well with mine, and i have the kinda job where i can work from home sometimes and work half days others.  it couldn't've worked out better if it had been the grand design. 

i think the gods are smiling on me...


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