05 July 2012

onward to jeans

bebe came 12 weeks ago today.  in the past 12 weeks, i've lost 40-ish pounds (the last 3-5 are hanging on for dear life as the scale moves to and from my goal).  i even started doing measurements in addition to the weight checks because, now that i'm working out again, i have to consider that muscle weighs more than fat.  i'm out of maternity clothes and back into my regular clothes--albeit a bit more snuggly.

so...tomorrow will be my first attempt at jeans.  i'm super scared.  i'm not going to even attempt my skinny jeans (i initially gave myself till my birthday (in november) for the skinny jeans, but based on the rampant speed at which the preggo pounds have melted, i've backed the skinny jeans goal to labor day), but i am going to try for a pair of my favorite jeans from the good ole days...

wish me luck! 


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