07 September 2012


four years ago, i lived on this blog during the dog days of two very long obama campaings.  from texas to indiana to south dakota, mt. rushmore and yellowstone, terra naomi on constant repeat for nearly 3,000 miles...and in california for the final stretch and the astounding victory.  every word, every emotion, every captured moment lives somewhere in these notes from the music box steps.

that campaign changed my life.  it gave me the kind of hope that digs deep into your soul and never stops burning, though sometimes the burn's of the more dimly sort. 2008 was my renaissance year, a year weaved in and out of the excitement of barack obama. 

these past four years have been remarkably changey, for me and the country.  we've been through some shit times, have had our hearts broken, our spirit broken, have been through wars, big moves, giant set-backs, big failures, and some pretty fucking amazing accomplishments-after a lot of dusting ourselves off and trying and trying again.

and here we are, 60 days left in the chance to finish what we started.  we've got a couple of big hurdles...a coupla debates, a european financial crisis that has zip to do with us but could bring us to our knees overnight, and the rampant fucktardery in these here united states.  but we are america (and me), and we don't quit.  no matter how dark the days, we know that just over that next hill lies a burgeoning sun, and we march toward that light with our heads high and our swords drawn.  the journey we all started with barack obama...we're only half-way to goal and we owe it to ourselves, our president, and our country to get the whole way we intended when we set out together.

good thing i have hope, of the ever burning sort...because i still believe in america, in the american dream, in a better tomorrow, and in president obama's leading our way there.



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