14 December 2012

it defies mind

all day i have wept.  in waves of course, but i have wept all day.  i cannot even begin to wrap my mind around what the parents are going through right now...just 10 days shy of every kid's favorite eve of the year.

or those other kids. that entire community.  everyone gearing up to celebrate the holidays in grand fashion...a spirit stopped dead in its tracks by an inconceivable act of terror.  how can this be?

all day i have searched to try to understand how this can be.  in the deepest depths of my soul, there exists not even an inkling of a place dark enough to begin to comprehend the depravity that one must possess to walk into an elementary school with an arsenal of semi-automatic weapons and open indiscriminate fire on the most innocent of us.  those wide-eyed, trusting, and beautiful little babies...20 of which are no longer with us, and all the rest that have to live life after today.  how can this be?

i can't remember my heart ever more broken for another...for so many others.  i weep still, and i think part of me always will.


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