27 January 2013

head in sand

and about the environment.

this is something else i just don't get.  even if you think climate change is a hoax (and really? really?), why are you so opposed to cleaning up dirty air, requiring industries to keep paint and oil out of our drinking water and crops, and limiting the amount of crap we all put into landfills?  why?

why is the only dude in my neighborhood that doesn't use the FREE recycling bins provided by our city (a no-sort container for aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, textiles, cardboard, etc) one of those batshit republicans with the "who is john galt" bumper sticker on his old jeep cherokee...right next to the obama as the joker sticker?  because he's making a statement that he doesn't believe in recycling?  or is it that he is so unbelievably selfish he doesn't care that he's leaving a slightly dirtier world to his children?

and do you no-government-ever-at-all people honestly believe that businesses and industries will benevolently pay to dispose of toxic materials because it is the right thing to do?    fuck no.  without regulations, they would be dumping every single toxicity they manufacture into the air, ground, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans, contaminating everything you breathe, eat, wear, and shit.

and is it such a bad idea to invest in the manufacturing jobs of tomorrow?  i mean, get a clue.  coal mines, oil fields, and all that is dirty is going away (and honestly, do you really want to work in any of those nasty ass industries?).  we need to invest in clean energy, renewables, and the related maintenance technologies so that china doesn't take that market.  the world is going green.  period.  we can either lead the way or we can resist ourselves into a dark, dirty, uninhabitable, bankrupt america that looks more like the districts of panem than the country we see today.

yeah, yeah, yeah, "we don't have the money".  we have the money, we just spend it poorly...no argument there.  the difference between you and me and money is that you blew it when you took down the economy and started (and want to keep blowing it on) unnecessary and strategically bankrupt wars and tax breaks for people who don't reinvest those savings in america.  i'd rather spend it to clean up, rebuild, educate and rehire america.

it would be awesome if you'd get your head out of your ass so we could all work together, to really talk about where we can intelligently reallocate our limited funds, and get this ship turned in the right direction.  but so long as you're focused on the earth being 6,000 years old, regulating my uterus, and stockpiling assault weapons to protect yourself from the muslim president, there's no way we can have an intelligent conversation with you...because you are proof that we aren't spending enough money on education.


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