23 January 2013

the hearing

[benghazi was] "the worst tragedy since 9/11".  wow, what color is the sky in rand paul's world?

does he get the newspaper at his house?  or own a television, or computer?  i guess no one ever told him about the wars that've been killing americans for 12 years, newtown, connecticut, or the hostages killed in algeria this week.

i've never quite been able to wrap my mind around this benghazi "scandal".  our embassy was attacked.  four american diplomats died.  yes, it was a terrible tragedy.  but it happened in the most dangerous part of the world...to people who accepted that as a possible outcome when they signed up for a post in _libya_.

there's a special kind of someone who wants so desperately to see the world become a better place, he's willing to put his life on the line to help birth a new democracy.  someone who wanted to build a democracy in a region that's been ravaged throughout history, and conditioned to fear and even hate a country he loves.  that was christopher stevens.  he didn't want to die.  he didn't want his comprades to die either.  no one did.  and no one meant for this to happen.  it is a terrible tragedy, and a loss to all americans.  and yes, mistakes were made, security was sparse, and the negligence cost four americans their lives, but this witch-hunt by senate republicans is incomprehensible.

this is the same fucking party that bullshit its way into a war with iraq...a war, incidentally, that has cost 4488 american lives.  and now they demand that heads must roll because the declassified talking points provided to the morning-show-stooge (i'm sorry madame ambassador--i don't actually think you a stooge. it's mere wordery) were "misleading".  the effrontery exceeds my comprehension.

like, i don't even know what else to say...


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