17 January 2008


edwards is such a desperate little douche. during the democratic debate the other night (from vegas), i was just watching and waiting for his red little head to pop off his body and its bloody innards splash the stage. always a step behind, begging for attention, edwards looked and sounded bad (and his accent, an accent i've been known to find attractive, bugs the crap out of me). reagan was a crappy president, in terms of leading the country into the red zone. i don't like the man's politics or the footsteps he left in history, but he brought pride and dignity back to the american people. he inspired greatness (and great fucks up, fer sure). but it's ridiculous and lame to take something so insipid and so out of context as obama's comment, "reagan changed the trajectory of america in a way that richard nixon did not and bill clinton did not," and use it to create such an air of scandal. reagan DID change politics and the trajectory of america much more significantly than nixon or clinton. Edwards' cheap shot stinks of desperatation. and this is my new motto for his campaign, "desperdwards".

and while i'm here, i am admitting to my mad crush on msnbc's sexiest talk show host, er television's sexiest talk show host. dan abrams ("live with dan abrams") is as sharp as a tack, funny, hot (damn, that sexy smile...) and i don't believe i've ever met a smart girl who doesn't love a man with piquant tongue. meow.

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