15 January 2008

yep, i'm blue and proud!

please tell me i don't live in a country where a room full of people cheer when a viable presidential candidate says, "what we need to do is amend the constitution so it's in god's standards". don't get me wrong, i'm no strict constitutionalist (i mean, come on, the damn thing was written over two hundred years ago by men who owned slaves and burned witches. really? it's the wisdom of these guys we are using to respond to the challenges of contemporary america? a rant for another time...), but "god's standards"? are you kidding me? and this guy came in 3rd place in michigan. my ability to be shocked by the weakness of the american mind has surpassed itself (and i suspect will continue to do so throughout the campaign).

i am not suggesting that people of faith are weak-minded, as i am a person of some faith (just not one that has a name or comes with a membership card). all i'm saying is that religion is a personal choice and has no place in government. though its prophets and written tales may frame our moral code, it is not a prerequisite for same, and is not only unnecessary but unwelcome in the formation of our laws. especially laws about other personal choices.

this all coming from the party claiming to support less government. you mean, less government funding and support of social and economic programs but more government telling me who i can and can't marry and how and when i get to decide if i'm having an abortion or bringing yet another unwanted child into a harsh and unforgiving world? huh. not that the dems are innocent when it comes to double standards, but i'm hardly unbiased...

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