07 April 2008

2,500 miles from home

i am officially back on the campaign trail and have set up camp in evansville, indiana, where the grassroots movement has been rocking for weeks. this is home for me. it's where i was born, where i spent the first several years of my life, and the place most of my family still calls home. it's great to be here, reconnecting with my roots, and working toward a greater america.

after a weekend of perhaps too much fun in chicago, i arrived at obama headquarters in evansville yesterday afternoon. i met the team, re-acquainted with my galveston group (those of us who made our way to indiana), and hit the ground running. it seems that we (we = team obama) have registered several thousand NEW voters, in evansville alone. in doing the data entry, i discovered dozens of new voters who were born in the 1930's, 40's and 50's, in addition to the youngsters who are only just old enough to participate.

my enthusiasm for obama has been jumping from the pages of my diary since i started this blog, but when i meet 70-year-old people who are inspired to participate in the american process for the first time in their lives, my own inspiration reaches new heights. seriously...

i was interviewed today by one of the local television stations (and will be on the news tonight - heh!) and the new voter registration was the topic of the day (because today is the deadline for hoosiers to register to vote). as it turns out, the clinton camp isn't even bothering with new voter registration, while team obama dropped off just under a thousand new forms this morning. i mean, really? to just accept the institutional vote without making an outreach effort? huh. i'm sure it has nothing to do with the absence of positive "strategy" in the clinton campaign.

speaking of the clinton campaign, i'm a wee out of the loop as i've been on the road for a week, but i did see that mark penn stepped down as that camp's chief strategist. i find it a little more than frustrating to watch the clinton campaign unraveling at the seams (as they have been since obama took iowa), while so many americans just sit back and ignore the obviously disastrous parallels between managing a campaign and managing a presidential administration. how can anyone honestly expect a candidate who cannot run a campaign to effectively run a country as complex as the united states of america? lemme make it simple, disastrous campaign = disastrous presidency...

and since i know you're all dying to know about my expired license plate tags, you should know that i officially dropped the ball. i didn't renew, i let it slip. oopsie. and the idiotic red tape (welcome to the california government) i'm climbing over, under, and around to resolve the mess is kinda unbelievable. fer reals...

and in case it isn't crystal clear, i'm having an absolute BLAST! in spite of the fact that i am missing (terribly) a boy who's fishing on the other side of the world.

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