08 April 2008

life inside headquarters

it's a marathon, not a sprint. a marathon, not a sprint. i have to keep reminding myself so i try harder to avoid my inclination to keep working so i can make it till the end. i mean, yesterday was essentially a 15 hour work day and the indiana primary is four weeks from today. oh boy...

it's because it's a lot of fun to be here, there's a lot of energy, the people of evansville who are volunteering for the campaign are wonderful, and there's a lot to be done. yeah, it's a lot of making calls, organizing volunteers, data entry, keeping the office in tip top shape (which, for me, includes regulating the recycling bins, digging trash out of the clearly labeled bins for plastic and aluminum and yelling at everyone who throws trash into them. i'm green, i can't help it, and i'm making sure everyone else is respectful of our conservation efforts :)). it's also a lot of canvassing, which, even though it doesn't sound all that glamorous, is one of my favorite campaign tasks. it's just a lot of fun, all the way around, even if it is as exhausting as anything.

oh and i got pulled over again today. no, i wasn't speeding or breaking any rules of the road - other than the fact that my darn tags are expired (STILL!). the police officer was incredibly nice and offered some suggestions to help me with my dilemma, and even wrote me a ticket to help me avoid getting towed if i got pulled over again (wasn't that so sweet of him?). as it turns out, indiana is similar to california in towing cars with expired registration. i also managed to make some headway with the california dmv by getting through to an obama supporter. yay!

so i fed ex'd (overnight for first am delivery) my registration renewal materials, along with an "obama '08" button directly to her attention at the dmv in sacramento. she said she'd process my paperwork as soon as she gets it and get it back to me as quickly as possible. either way, it's going to be at least five days to a week so please cross your fingers that i can avoid the police for a few more days...

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