12 April 2008

my favorite campaign day so far

today was my favorite day of the campaign so far, with only one of the reasons being that i finally got to see barack. he stood ten yards in front of me, in a high-school gymnasium in columbus, indiana, and spoke with the energy, enthusiasm, and interactive style that i hoped he would. he was prepared for and responded (like, didn’t try to dodge anything) to the most random of questions, asked by the most random mix of people. he was more wonderful in person than even on the t.v. and i hope that every person in the world finds a way to stand in a room when that man is speaking.

i’m also falling in love with indiana. i really really like it here. i do keep reminding myself that i’m especially fortunate to be spending the season of rebirth in my home state. winter (it’s greatest flaw) is dying off with each fresh breath of spring. the magnolias and pear blossoms brightening the already charming city of columbus were truly beautiful. and it smelled so sweet and lovely. we drove past rolling hills of green and purple (yes, fer reals), watched a dark pink sunset beneath the threatening thunder clouds hanging overhead. and the best part about it was that i got to spend the day with someone who, like me, recognizes the beauty in life.

the f.o. (field organizer) i work directly with (i’m kinda his bitch) is this amazing guy whose talent for handling any situation is pretty unparalleled, especially for someone so young. we worked together in texas, liked each others’ styles and are finding that we make a good team here in indiana, i think. he’s a pain in my ass (of epic proportion), but he recognizes “the” line and doesn’t cross me. and i know he’d go to bat for me in one second flat for probably anything i asked, as i would for him.

our team in evansville is really starting to mesh too. i had a great time tonight catching up with the other f.o.’s and the regional director, while we cut turf and put together the canvas packs. it was fun. i really like my group, a lot. it’s an interesting cast of characters unfolding at the office, a crew that includes many locals (whose generosity, dedication, warmth and damn good cooking! is keeping the office running), a few of us out-of-staters for the long-term, and those who come in on the weekends.

as great as it all is, being back on the campaign means i have no idea what’s going on in the real world. i really don’t. i haven't seen keith or dan for more than two weeks now and i even missed last week's "meet the press" (though i will certainly be back on track with tim russert tomorrow morning). i really do feel like i'm in an alternate universe, hundreds of miles from home. the two weeks i’ve been gone already feel like two months (missing a boy does not make the time go any faster…), and i have no idea what’s happening in the world, my city, the politics outside of our office, or the lives of those i love. if y’all are reading this, i hope you know i love you, miss you and think of you often. i’m just crazed, juggling a million different things in a state of mayhem i can’t quite get under control, and i’m sorry i’m not more in touch.

i’ve had about four hours of sleep since i woke up yesterday morning and am looking at only just another 6 or 7 tonight, before another crazy day (we have a rally and our canvas kick-off (perhaps in the rain) tomorrow and it will be a day of madness and lots of coffee. but it will be a great day, full of energy, excitement, and hopefully not too many raindrops…

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