24 June 2008

i cried over a diamond

i thought it was time. i mean, i'm trying to get my shit together. i'm committing to a budget, i'm committed to saving, and living well within my means. i'm ready to let go of my old life and embrace the one that's more me. but that diamond...

i was meeting a friend in the gem business because i wanted to sell my engagement ring and turn it into something that pays interest or dividends. i took the ring out of its secret spot and put it on. first my ring finger, then my middle finger (which is the only place it fits now), i twisted it around a bit, looked at it on my hand held high by the light, then i took it off, put it into its little red box, and dropped it into my handbag. adios, engagement ring.

by the middle of the afternoon, i was crying with my office door closed. it wasn't a gushing tears kinda thing, but an "i need some time to myself" tear up. because of that ring and all it represents. dude, i couldn't part with the ring. i couldn't do it. i flaked on my friend and went home to put it back where it belongs.

he was totally understanding and even offered alternatives to ditching it. so we're scheduled again for next week. i have six days to keep the ring where it belongs. six days to let go of the last symbol of the life i left behind. six days...

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