21 June 2008

get your mitts off the nozzle

so the big douchebags in charge want to start drilling off the coastlines of america. let's get more oil, let's get it all, kinda thinking, i s'pose. people, the last thing we need is more oil. oil causes wars, destroys the delicate balance of nature wherever it goes, puts major dents in our pocketbooks and lifestyles, and our dependence on the shit has got to stop.

dubya promises that it'll bring down the cost of gas. and maybe it will, in about ten years, and it won't be enough to matter. it won't be enough to ease the high costs you're now paying at the pump, at the grocery store, in malls, and on your utilities. all it will do is punt to our children to have to clean up this mess we've been left by the industrial revolution.

the other day, i was having a discussion with someone about how it astounded me that people are so selfish when it comes to conserving natural resources. i just don't get why it doesn't matter to people that we are making a huge mess for future generations to clean up. and you know what he said? he said, "more than half of this country expects the world to end any day, so they don't care." is this true?

for those of you who don't believe that, why don't you stop being a bunch of pussies and make a teensy effort. let's go green. let's start a revolution of our own. it's not that hard to separate recycleables from your trash and curb your use of plastic (i mean, i've only just cut plastic water bottles out of my life, and i'm saving about $20 per month, or $240 per year. i invest that $240 per year in a green fund with a 10% return, and in 10 years i've got $4,200 in the bank. just by cutting out bottled water (and with neato sigg bottles, who needs 'em)...)

and stop driving big, stupid cars. unless your job requires hauling shit around, lose the trucks and especially the suv's. and try taking a walk. maybe you'll burn a couple of pounds of your tv-watching / video-game-playing fat ass. one day each week, walk or take the bus instead of drive. one day each week.

and just give a shit. think about it. look around your life and find one or two simple changes you can make that will make a difference in the world. it's not that hard...

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  1. Based on the numbers that were published regarding off-shore reserves, if we extracted every last barrel, it would provide roughly two years of our present consumption. Doesn't seem to make sense to run the risks attendant to off-shore drilling for such a small return on the investment.

    But even if we did, there is no guarantee that such drilling would do anything for the cost at the pump.

    Conservation -- and alternative energy development -- are the only answers to dealing with our fossil fuel fixation.